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Anytime Skip A Pay

Need a litte extra money in your pocket for an upcoming expense? No problem. Now you can quickly and easily defer a loan payment any month of the year!

Click Here for a fillable, printable Anytime Skip A Pay form. Complete the form and turn it into any of our four conveniently located branches. Better yet, skip the branch and complete our online Skip A Pay form to start the process of skipping your loan payment now!

Please note: You may only skip two payments per calendar year, per loan. There is a processing fee of $40 per skip, per loan. Your loan payments must be current to take advantage of Anytime Skip A Pay. Your loan will continue to accrue interest at the original rate during the extension period until paid in full. There will be additional interest due along with the final  payment. The term of your loan will be extended by one month. A new loan must be open for 120 days to participate in this service. Offer excludes Mortgages, Manufactured Home Loans, Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Business Loans, Line of Credit and MasterCard payments. Please Note: If your loan payment originates from another financial institution you must contact them to stop the automatic payment withdrawal from your account. Submitting a request to skip a payment during the 10 day grace period will not be considered "on time." Member Participation is optional. Additional requirements may apply.