We know it's about more than just your score!

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At First Alliance we look at you and your whole financial situation, not just your credit score.

Why? Because, we understand that unexpected events occur in life that can have a negative impact on your ability to borrow money when you need it most. At First Alliance, we ask the right questions to determine your short and long terms needs and can help you create a positive financial solution to meet your goals. If for any reason we cannot extend a loan to you, we won’t turn you away, instead we will continue to work with you to improve your financial situation. Your success is our success!

Our wide variety of lending products allows us to get creative when helping our members achieve their goals. Talk with us today to find out which solution is right for you!

  • Personal Loans & Lines of Credit - Take care of immediate needs that arise unexpectedly.
  • Debt Consolidation – Create more affordable payments on the loans you already have.
  • Vehicle Loans – Even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere we may have financing options for you or you can refinance to a lower interest rate and lower your monthly payments.
  • Mortgage Options- We have a variety of financing options for almost every situation or you can save money by refinancing to take advantage of a lower interest rate
  • Manufactured Homes – We are serious about giving everyone an opportunity to own a home, which is why we offer financing for Manufactured Homes when many other lenders will not.
  • Credit Cards – Save money by transferring your existing card balances from high interest rate cards to our low interest rate cards.

No matter what your credit score is you are welcome here. We regularly hear “thank you” from people who are glad they found us in their time of need:

“I applied for a personal loan and the loan officer was very professional! They also helped me consolidate other credit cards to get myself to a far better financial situation. Thank you” – Mark from Kenyon

“I was shocked when my own financial institution wouldn't approve me for loan but First Alliance did, you gave me a chance, thank you!”– Sary from Rochester

“Thanks First Alliance Credit Union for believing in me when other banks would not and treating me like a human being and not just a number! I am truly grateful.”– Member wishing to remain anonymous

“I just want to thank First Alliance for being there for those who need it the most and doing the best you can to help them.” – Nadia from Dodge Center

Come tell us your story, and let us help you make a positive difference in it.

Not looking for a loan, but just want some help getting your finances straightened out? Come talk with one of our knowledgeable Member Service Representatives. We will sit down with you, help you look at where you’re at and where you want to be, then help you create a plan to get there!

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